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Calendar of Events

4 January 2022No Meeting
18 January 2022Freeplay
1 February 2022Club Ladder #1
15 February 2022Freeplay
1 March 2022Club Ladder #2
15 March 2022Freeplay
5 April 2022CANCELLED
19 April 2022AGM / Freeplay
3 May 2022Freeplay
17 May 2022Club Ladder #3
7 June 2022Freeplay
21 June 2022Club Ladder #4
5 July 2022Midwinter Blitz
19 July 2022Club Ladder #5
2 August 2022Freeplay
16 August 2022Club Ladder #6
6 September 2022Freeplay
20 September 2022Junior Tournament / Freeplay
4 October 2022Freeplay
18 October 2022Freeplay
1 November 2022Kings Gambit 1/2
15 November 2022Kings Gambit 1/2
6 December 2022Freeplay
20 December 2022End of Year Blitz
3 January 2023No Meeting
17 January 2023Freeplay

Usual date sequence is first & third Tuesday of the month.

Club Ladder 2022

The final was played between Scott Stringer (defending) and Tony Kesseler. The game took four and a half hours to complete - over two nights.
In a narrow victory, Scott won a very even pawn and rook endgame.

Full Results » 2022 Club Ladder…

End of Year Blitz 2021

Winner » Scott Stringer (6.0/6)

Our year ending tournament was the annual End-Of-Year-Blitz played at 5 minutes per player per game.

Congratulations to Scott for completing a clean sweep in the competition.

Full Results » 2021 End of Year Blitz…

King's Gambit 2021

This was an abbreviated competition, played over one night with three rounds.

Winner » Scott Stringer
Runner-Up » Patrick Lynch

Full Results » 2021 King's Gambit…

Junior Competition 2018

Overall winner: Nathan Houghton

Our 2018 Junior tournament was the same size as last year, wth only four players taking part. The small number didn't dilute the quality of chess played!

Defending junior champion Nathan Houghton successfully defended his title.

Congratulations Nathan!

Full results » 2018 Junior Competition…

Junior School Chess Tournament (JSCT)

2018 Champions
  • West Eyreton Wizards
2016 Most Valuable Player
  • William Bretherton (West Eyreton Wizards)

Team Placings

Place Name                   Score
  2   ASHGROVE ACES          15   
      LEITHFIELD LEGENDS     13   
  5   AMBERLEY KNIGHTS       12.5 
  6   ASHGROVE ARCHERS       10   
      AMBERLEY ROOKS         8.5  
2018 Junior School Tournament - Full Results

Where and when we meet

North Canterbury Chess' regular meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month

7pm - 9.30pm
Rangiora War Memorial Centre
Corner of High Street & Albert Street, Rangiora.

location map

Special events and competitions may be held at other times and venues.  See the Calendar above for dates of these events.

Who are North Canterbury Chess?

North Canterbury Chess is a chess club which operates out of Rangiora, New Zealand.  We are run by an elected executive comprising President, Vice-President and Secretary/Treasurer with up to two additional untitled councilors.

Our club is a non-profit organization.  This status is detailed in our constitution and is recognised by New Zealand's sole taxation agency - the Inland Revenue Department.

We formed 12 September 2001, and since 2002 have been affiliated with the New Zealand Chess Federation (NZCF) the governing body for chess in New Zealand.

What does North Canterbury Chess do?

From our constitution…

2.1 To encourage & foster the game of chess, with emphasis in the North Canterbury area.
2.2 To arrange and run matches, tournaments & competitions and other chess events.

We also organize school lectures, tuition, as well as our social & competitive chess events.

How we operate

We are governed by New Zealand law, our constitution, NZCF regulations and FIDE rules.  So long as we don't act outside these constraints we are free to organize chess (and other) events as we see fit.

We operate a democratic policy toward decision making.